How Krav Maga for Children Teaches Discipline & Structure

How Krav Maga for Children Teaches Discipline & Structure

Have you been wondering if Krav Maga for children could potentially benefit your kids? If so, you’re onto something big.

Maybe you’re interested in Krav Maga because you’re about your child’s safety, and you would sleep better at night knowing your kids have learned a thing or two about fighting off an attacker. Maybe your kids aren’t interested in traditional team sports, and you feel they need an athletic outlet. No matter your reasons, it’s safe to say that studying this effective fighting style will offer plenty of benefits, some of which you might not have even considered.

How Krav Maga for Children Teaches Confidence and Cultivates Self-worth

There are some kids who thrive in athletics and others who struggle, and because of the nature of team sports, the kids who are naturals tend to be praised by coaches, as well as their peers.

Kids who are pressured to play team sports often feel responsible for the team’s losses, and even end up being teased by their teammates over missing a goal or striking out at bat. This leads to a fear of disappointing others, on top of the child feeling like his or her skills aren’t up to par.

Krav Maga for children offers an entirely different structure. It’s an individual sport that is practiced within a team setting, offering all of the positives of a group without any of the negatives. If your child has a bad day in class, he or she will not have to worry about upsetting the other teammates. There will be no pressure for your child to progress at a faster pace than what comes naturally, and plenty of support will be offered along the way.

Other Great Life Skills that Krav Maga for Children can Teach

  • Understanding Discipline

There are clear rules for how a student needs to behave during self defense classes, and disrespect for these rules will never be tolerated by any quality Krav Maga instructor. Self-defense also teaches that engaging in fighting is never something to be taken lightly. Your child will learn that fighting  should only be used in serious situations where physical defense is required.

If your child struggles with discipline, and Krav Maga is something that he or she is interested in learning, this will be a good opportunity to improve behavior. Kids are generally more attentive when they are learning something that excites them. This is why Krav Maga for children is so beneficial.

  • Learning to Focus

Thanks to the modern world and the way we are all constantly being bombarded with media, many children struggle to stay focused. There is always something to watch on television, something to look at online, or someone to chat with on social media. This lack of focus makes schoolwork more difficult, and Krav Maga for children can help tune out the constant background noise and teach concentration. Research has shown that karate can help kids who suffer from ADD, and Krav Maga offers many of the same benefits.

  • Seeing the Value of Commitment

Krav Maga is not something that can be learned in a day. It takes most kids a great deal of time before they really begin to see progress. If your kids can stick to the program, they will see themselves improve over time and begin to realize that all things in life work that way. With commitment and effort, anything can be accomplished, and learning that at a young age will help your kids conquer all of their dreams.

Institute Krav Maga Ireland Training Centers: Quality Self-defense Classes for Children & Teens 

If you’re ready to find a school that teaches Krav Maga for children, look no further. Institute Krav Maga Training Centers across Ireland is enrolling in our Kids & Teens program in January 2019. Our instructors understand that each child has individual strengths and weaknesses, and we will work with your kids to get them feeling strong and capable of protecting themselves. There simply is no better way to give your kids an edge in life, and the confidence they gain in their Krav Maga classes will have a positive effect on their social lives, academic performance, and overall happiness.