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Super Kravers Kids classes are packed with fun, fitness, discipline and most importantly, self-defence. All of this builds confidence and self-esteem. We use fun and games to help develop good technique and skills, while learning self-control and motor development.

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As parents, we understand that there is so much to consider and so many questions to answer when deciding what activities our children should participate in. At Institute Krav Maga, we have made it our mission to answer these questions and give you the opportunity to make sure that training at Institute Krav Maga is right for your child. We are confident that it is the right thing to do, but it is important that you have the opportunity to make that decision without initially making a long-term commitment.

That’s why we invite you to bring your child to a free Krav Maga taster class without having to commit to membership. Book a class for your child, come along and let’s get things started.

super kravers: kids 6 – 10 yrs olds

We know that children’s learning and development needs are different and have a specific curriculum for each age group. Learning through play stimulates imagination and creativity. We allow the children to develop and become what they want to be. We do not suppress them or try to mould them into something they are not.

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Super Kravers is an exciting, action-packed programme that aims to develop children’s confidence and respect for others, as well as their physical skills in martial arts and self-defence, without resorting to violence.

Classes will create a fun, comfortable and warm atmosphere where children will learn the art of self-defence. Our programme will help develop important life skills such as self-confidence, respect, discipline, self-control, teamwork and good habits.

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Have fun & learn new abilities

The benefits and skills will bring positive changes to your child’s life which they will carry throughout their lives. Following are some key benefits

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Use the booking system below to select your child FREE trial class. We look forward to seeing you.

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