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Confidence Building Martial Arts Classes In Cork


We offer great classes for fitness and strength, combining many different fighting styles and reality based self-defence skills which offers a great full body workout.

SELF DEFENCE training. since 2006 in cork

We offers a variety of reality martial arts skills & level of physical fitness. We believe in open minded, positive motivation and encouragement of all students.

Our classes change lives for better including losing weight, building strength, discipline , self defence and making friends. Our programs have strong focus on personal development.

We develop life skills such as high setting goals, positive mental attitude & habits, determination, self- control and confidence.




“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise performance” and this club does. Artur and his team are so professional no matter what your fitness level, great group of people train here who help and support you. Great work out and great skill learned.”


What People Say About Us

Krav Maga can benefit so many people! Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what one of our previous graduates have said!

Vanessa Rio Santos
Vanessa Rio Santos
One of the most exciting experience I ever had. Thought I couldn't do it but the instructors were really good and have loads of patience 😄😄😄
Words alone aren't enough to say how fantastic is this school.Arthur is a great instructor. While we training although all of us are in different fitness shape we encourages each other,so it is also a great mindset training. My only regret is that due to the kind of my job i can only attend two classes at week.
Eddie Mc Carthy (eddiemac)
Eddie Mc Carthy (eddiemac)
Can see a huge change in my son since starting classes , he feels very welcomed from the start by other members and instructors , great club .
Marta Kedzierska
Marta Kedzierska
I recommend the Krav Maga classes!
Monique Corvenieo
Monique Corvenieo
I've been training at Inistitute Krav Maga for over 2 months now and have been really enjoying it. I've been thaught very useful tactics that can be used in real life self defence if needed; everybody is very friendly and welcoming and there's a great community formed. I will be going for the foreseeable future and recommending for people who are struggling to get started in self improvement/ fitness.
Graham Turner
Graham Turner
My daughter absolutely loves the club, she comes out buzzing with energy, wanting to show me what she has learnt that evening. The way Arthur teaches the youngsters is amazing, they are learning a life skill without being preached to of all the dangers in the world. The techniques they are developing will become natural to them and give them the best self defence skills in the world. Arthur & the team give 100% encouragement to all the kids every single session...Keep the great work up guys...
Ramune Cesoniene
Ramune Cesoniene
Can’t recommend classes enough. If you looking for class for your child to get fit, build self confidence, be active, learn how to protect him self, self defence - this is the right place! Thank you Arthur for all hard work he is doing and quality time he is spending to teach kids.
Sean Clarke
Sean Clarke
Artur gives awesome challenging classes! Great for getting fit, learning self defense losing weight and getting strong - I am so glad I joined - I love it! 10/10
Valerie O Leary
Valerie O Leary
I hv trained here for the last 5 years to me it’s more than just a club, it’s a catch up with some great people good friends. My fitness has improved my overall health I feel great both physically and mentally . Artur is a fantastic trainer and is very dedicated to his club and members. There are no egos in this place everyone helps each other out !! You will not regret signing up for this clun


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of the course

  • You will learn a highly effective and dynamic street application method
  • You will master one of the most important rules on the street TGH, touch me!, Grab me!, Hit me!
  • You will develop physical, mental and emotional awareness
  • You will improve your personal well-being
  • You will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones.

On what is our training based on?

This course is built on the study and investigation of the human instinct and our own real experiences and, therefore, continues to evolve as the urban scene changes. It’s a simple and straight-forward learning system, the training is based on innovative and creative techniques.


What Clothing or Clothing Do I Need?

You will only need your normal gym gear, a sweat towel, bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated whilst training as we provide all other relevant training equipment.

Im a beginner, can I come to your classes?

Yes. Our classes accommodate both beginners and experienced people who have had other types of martial arts & self defence training.

Am I too Old For Your Classes?

Our eldest student is in his 60’s and he’s absolutely loving the classes, so no one is ever too old to join.

will i get hurt during your classes?

Despite teaching no nonsense, reality based street defence; our classes are not only taught in a very fun and enjoyable manner but more importantly are always taught with great care and control to promote a very safe environment for all students.

Getting hurt in our classes should never be a concern for any potential student, especially when we have students ranging from only 6 years old to students in their 60’s.

From What Age can somone join your classes?

Super Kravers is our youngest age group ranging from the ages of 6 to 9 and Smart Street Juniors& Teens ages 10 – 14yrs.

do i need to be physically fit before joining your classes?

Absolutely not. In fact, many people join our classes especially to get fit and into shape. We have had people join our classes who started off very unfit and only in a matter of a few weeks, their fitness greatly improved and continues to do so. Read the testimonials of these people yourself on our reviews page.

what type of people attend your classes?

It can be very daunting for many people to come to a new martial arts / self defence class for the first time, especially when many places are notorious for having testosterone and ego just over-flowing in the air.

We are extremely proud that our classes are nothing like that all. It’s something about our training at Krav Maga as well as the overall culture promoted within our classes by our Instructors that just does not allow for any ego. Our classes are in fact well known to be very warm and welcoming, where even the experienced students are always happy to help any new comers.

When someone new joins our classes, there is a reason why we always say “Welcome to the Krav Maga Family!” It’s because people really do get a sense of family when becoming part of .

Can I only attend one class per week or do I need attend more classes each week?

We have some students who can only make one lesson per week due to other commitments and then we have other students who come four times a week.

The progress made by training more than once a week will naturally be far greater. But it is understandable if you have other commitments as training once a week is still much better than having no training at all.