6 Reasons You Should Join Institute Krav Maga

6 Reasons You Should Join Institute Krav Maga

There is a vast range of martial arts out there in the world and even more self-defense systems. However, there is only one Institute Krav Maga. This article will list the 7 most important factors of Institute Krav Maga. Read them, share them and tell others about Institute Krav Maga. The moral of this article is simple, Institute Krav Maga is about much more than just learning to protect yourself.

1. Friendship

The martial arts develop friendships like no other. You stand there each session dripping with sweat and you are tired, broken down to the very essence of your character. You are vulnerable, not looking your best and your body aches. At this time, you are at your weakest. However, something strange happens next. Rather than you give up and want to sit down, you have a surge of energy, your body suddenly pulls itself together and you are back at it. Punching and grappling, making yourself even more tired.

What caused you to get this surge of newfound energy? It was the shouting of your training partners, it was the words of encouragement, the shouts of “come on, dig in” that forced you to get up and train harder. And once the drill is over, you swap roles and now it is your turn to do the same.

This type of training is rarely seen anywhere else because martial arts taxes the body in minutes like few sports can

and you need the support of your training partners to help you push through the barriers. At Institute Krav Maga you will develop friendships like no other because the very act of training grows friendships. Yes, you might not spend all day talking to each other, instead you will help and encourage a person when they need it most. The result will see friendships formed that grow further and deeper after you leave class.

2. Self defence

We know that martial arts can deliver self-defense skills however Krav Maga is focused on exactly that. The fluff and boring elements of martial arts have been stripped away to provide functionality. This doesn’t mean that Krav Maga is not fun, we are simply not obsessed with hurting people. Instead, we are focused on self-defense. Police officers from across the globe train Krav Maga because it delivers high-quality self-defense training.

If you know anything about martial arts, you may have heard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is a grappling art where the students are known to become highly skilled on the ground because they focus on that aspect. At Institute Krav Maga we focus on self-defense and the result is simple. We become highly skilled at Self Defense.

3. fintess

It is easy to think that having muscles, a six pack or even the ability to do 100 pull ups is useful. However, what happens when you need to call upon those muscles to protect yourself or your loved ones? The answer is that fitness is specific. Therefore, when you train with us you will develop functional fitness. This is a type of fitness that will help you when the s##t hits the fan. From our drills, to the warm up and so much more you will see that training gets you fit and fast. We don’t promise big muscles, we don’t promise six pack but our training will get you fit!

4. fasion

Ask a person why they won’t train in martial arts and the uniform is a major turn off. To the outsider most martial arts uniforms look like muti colored pyjamas. From kung fu to Aikido and Karate this type of training outfit can be off- putting for many. At Institute Krav Maga we are all about looking cool. That is why we prides itself on having great designs, high-quality clothing.

You can go to the pub or even out shopping wearing out clothing and not look embarrassed. Now this is not hyper aggressive clothing that we associate so often with martial arts. Instead, this is classy. Our students can wear their uniforms with pride.

5. Modern training

Guess what, self-defense has changed. We are no longer in a world where every street thug has zero training and an obsession with Oasis (the band not the soft drink). Enter this decade and we see thugs with training. They are pumped up on steroids and other drugs and very often watch or even train in MMA , they attack in groups and will stamp on your head whilst holding a can of beer in one hand. Now this type of thug requires you to embrace these changes, it requires you to learn how to deal with more technical and potentially coordinated group attacks.

We has taken training and evolved it through study, feedback and training. We deal with weapon attacks, group attacks, dealing with those training and those who are stronger than you. There is no “wax on and wax off” here. It is functional and modern. Do you train in a martial art already? Great, add Institute Krav Maga to your training and you will see the modern innovation that has caused so many high-class and experienced martial artists to come over.

6. family

We touched on the friendships that develop through training but there is something larger at work in our club. It is a connection that is larger. Your training partners become like a family. If you haven’t seen them for a while they greet you with warm and respect. They wish you a happy birthday, they share in your successes and support you through the bad times.

So there you go, 6 reasons why people should join Institute Krav Maga Cork.

See you soon on the mat….