5 Reasons You Should Start Self Defense Training with Institute Krav Maga Cork

5 Reasons You Should Start Self Defense Training with Institute Krav Maga Cork

5 Reasons You Should Start Self Defense Training with Institute Krav Maga Cork

It is February  2019, and if you have done this:

1. Overeaten during December.

2. Put on weight.

This is that time of year where weight seems to stick to us all and the festive period has taken its toll.

So what happens next?

99% of people head to the gym.

They promise to give up alcohol, go on a detox and eat like a rabbit for the next 3 months.

By the end of January, the gym is empty again and full of the regulars.

The promises are broken, and the diet has crashed.

But there is another way.

And today I am going to explain why you should ditch the gym and head to self-defence training instead.

1. You Want A Long-Term Plan For Health

Do you know why people quit going to the gym?

It is because they go at it too much at first and then realise it is taking over their lives and they quit.

Their lifestyle is not geared toward training and dieting like a professional athlete.

There is another way, to commit to something either once or twice a week (such as self-defence training) and build your fitness around this.

If you have time to do another gym session that week, great.

But by having an activity that has a fixed class time you are far more likely to stick with it, rather than trying to find time to go to the gym.

2. Fitness Can’t Save Your Life

I know it is a bit obvious, but the fact you beat your personal record on the bench press or did well in the spinning class means nothing when you are faced with that maniac in the street who wants to beat you to a pulp.

Self-defence & martial arts training is the activity that will be able to save your ass when you need it.

By training to protect yourself and others, you have a gift that will be there with you when you need it most.

Think of it as fitness training with a purpose.

3. Self-Defence / Martial Arts Training Stimulates The Mind

People often say the gym is boring and you know what, it is.

Spending 20 minutes on a bike or treadmill is mind-numbing.

So much so they have stuck TV’s in gyms and even have computer games inside some of the equipment.

Sticking with any training is tough unless your mind is being stimulated.

Self-defence training requires you to concentrate, to learn and of course to apply what you have learned in drills and even sparring.

It will keep your mind activated and a such you are more likely to enjoy it, stick with it and of course improve because of it.

4. You Will Become Fighting Fit

There is a saying “you can be gym fit but not fighting fit”.

What this means is that your fitness will reach levels you never thought possible.

Most people join a gym and spend 15 minutes warming up, walk around the weights, do some cardio and then hit the sauna and the pool.

This is not the same as self-defence and martial arts training.

You will push your body harder than you ever thought possible training in a fashion that is similar to how boxers train.

All using your own body weight for resistance.

5. There Is Nothing Like Knowing You Can Protect Yourself

Going to the gym and getting in shape gives you confidence, this is true.

But nothing gives you confidence like the ability to be able to protect yourself.

This is something that changes people.

They walk differently, they deal with challenges in their life differently. People notice this quiet confidence as you feel more able to tackle life’s problems.

You don’t get that same effect if you just go to the gym.


You have a choice.

You can do what everyone else does and go to the gym, and who knows you might even stick with it this year.

But you could also enroll yourself into self-defence and martial arts lessons at a Institute Krav Maga Cork.

You could learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, get into fighting shape and make some new friends.

The choice is yours.

Either way, happy New Year.

Thanks for reading.