Knife Defence Workshop

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Discover Counter Blade Tactics That May Save Your Life If Someone Tries To Attack You With A Knife.

Knife attacks, perhaps more than any other personal, violent encounters, are ugly, and the typical approach to dealing with them is incredibly flawed.
Learning to fight, learning to problem solve, is the best method for enhancing your survivability, and that is what this worskshop is created to do.

What you will be given is principles, concepts, and options, specifically designed to amplify your skills and mindset, in order to increase your odds of saving yourself or others.

This Workshop will help you: 

  • Understand the true dangers of knife violence
  • Recognize and pre-empt potential confrontation
  • Enhance problem solving skills with a principle-based approach
  • Develop technical proficiency
  • Marry proven concepts from combat sports with self defense sensibilities

The aim of this workshop is to provide you with some tools and awareness of what you should do if threatened or attacked with a knife.

People of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.

  • Date: Sunday 26th of September
  • Start at 11am till 2pm
  • Cost: Early Birds 45/ before 12th of September, after 65 euro


Out of stock