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Unlock Your Potential: Personalized Private Sessions at Institute Krav Maga Cork

Institute Krav Maga Private Training

Discover the tailored experience awaiting you at Institute Krav Maga Cork with our private session options. Whether you prefer individual focus with our 1-1 sessions, the camaraderie of training with a buddy in our 1-2 sessions, or the dynamic energy of a group private, we have the perfect setting for your journey.

In our private 1-1 sessions, immerse yourself in focused learning, enhancing your skills under the direct guidance of our expert instructors. It’s your opportunity to elevate your Krav Maga expertise and explore deeper aspects of the discipline.

With our buddy 1-2 sessions, embark on a shared fitness and lifestyle transformation journey. Whether you’re a couple aiming for mutual empowerment or friends striving for a common goal, training together amplifies motivation and progress.

Plus, for those dedicated to their growth, we offer bulk booking discounts. Commit to your development, and we’ll reward your passion with special savings on private sessions.

Ready to elevate your training experience? Reach out to us to explore our 1-1 or 1-2 private sessions at Institute Krav Maga Cork. Whether you seek personal safety, fitness improvement, or to push your limits in Krav Maga, we’re here to support your goals.

There’s no better time than the present!

Our curriculum is designed to give you results tailored to your individual goals and abilities. With private training, you will see an improvement in your Krav Maga almost immediately…

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Here are list of some examples why we offer private lessons and workshops and what is your outcome!


One-on-one attention to ensure you get the most out of your training


We all know the struggle to maintain motivation when you are one your own. Having a trainer by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to give it your all.


Both your results and motivation suffer when you don’t have variety in your workouts. PT’s keep it fresh and exciting with ever changing plans to keep you on track and smashing your goals!


From avoiding injury by correcting your form, to giving you the skills needed to reach your goals, PT’s are a wealth of knowledge on goals you want to achieve..


No time spent with a PT is wasted. Through martial arts and fitness plans they maximise your results towards a realistic and specific agreed goal..


Results tailored to your individual goals and abilities

your instructor

ARTHUR DZIADKOWEC – Personal Training

black belt expert krav maga

Institute Krav Maga Ireland Head Instructor and Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in the martial arts and fitness industry.

To get a better idea of who Arthur is, here are just some of his credentials:

  • School Owner and Head Instructor Institute Krav Maga Ireland
  • Expert Black Belt Krav Maga
  • Defence Lab Instructor
  • I.A.W.A. Wrestling Level 1 Coach
  • Spartan Physical Strength Coach
  • Spartan Kettlebells Level 1 Coach
  • Graduate CQB E.S.A European Security Academy
  • H.S.R.T High Stress Reaction Training
  • Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor
  • Military Krav Maga Instructor qulifiaction in Israel
  • S.E.R.E Survival Evasion Resistance Escape
  • C.T.A – Counterterrorism and Anti-Skyjacking Course
  • TC3 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
  • Combat Sport Coach
  • BJJ Blue Belt


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise performance” and this club does. Artur and his team are so professional no matter what your fitness level, great group of people train here who help and support you. Great work out and great skill learned.”


Hear what others have said about the Personal Training

I trained with Artur for 2 years, 1 on 1 personal training mainly….I can’t recommend him enough! His seminars are also outstanding, each one specific to an area of Krav Maga. This guy is the real deal!

Niall O'Holloran

Head of Sales

I spent the last six months training in Krav Maga under Arthur‘s private training and I have to say it has surpassed any expectations I could’ve had! Here you will be taught how to stave off even the worst of situations. Go to the page below and book your first session, you won’t regret it!

Adam Courtney

Pineapple Entertainment & Influenced Media Group.


Private classes  take place at our full time academy or your location in day, night-time and weekends.

Contact us today to learn more about private training opportunities available to you.

corporate team building

Welcome to Institute Krav Maga Cork, where our cutting-edge self-defense courses redefine safety. Crafted with a unique delivery system for easy absorption, we believe our courses are perfectly tailored for the corporate and school environments.

Our approach focuses on self-defense techniques and concepts that are not only simple to learn but also immediately effective. They can be utilized by anyone, irrespective of size, strength, height, weight, or gender.

Choose from a wide array of subjects, with flexibility in training schedules, locations, and methods. Empower your staff with skills that prioritize their safety and well-being.


EXamples and benefits of our corporate training programmes are: