Institute Krav Maga – Spectator Policy

Institute Krav Maga – Spectator Policy

May we first thank you for your support and commitment to our school, we understand and appreciate the time you take to bring your children every week, battling the traffic and weather Cork throws at us all.

Our first commitment is to our students and for this reason we must remind all parents that the Institute Krav Maga School has a NO SPECTATOR policy under any circumstances. While this may seem harsh to some, it is to be fair to all parents, but fundamentally it is for the protection and privacy of our students.

Like all educational schools where there is no spectating, it is time for the children to develop independency, confidence and important life skills at a pace that is appropriate to each one of them, without the pressure of being watched by adults unknown to them. This is distracting for so many of them, when we need them to be focused and working to their best potential. We have children from all walks of life, cultures, and nationalities, many of them that are out of the comfort zone, shy, unconfident, but developing to be strong, responsible, confident young people.

Second to this, the children’s classes are at full capacity, and we cannot accommodate parents in the building while the classes are running. The seating space if for the students to store their belongings and sit before classes and most importantly we have to ensure health and safety rules are adhered to at all times.

While writing we would also remind parents that on Grading Day’s there is also NO SPECTATORS allowed in the building, for all the above reasons.

This policy is effective immediately and should parents be in the building at the start of a lesson, our instructors will have to ask you to vacate the premises.

Should you wish to find out more about what your children are working hard towards, why not sign up for a free trial class in our beginner’s program and experience the world of Krav Maga for yourself.

Once again thanks you for supporting our club and adhering to our policies.


Arthur Dziadkowiec

Head Instructor