Adult All Levels Krav Maga

Adult All Levels Krav Maga

Beginners Programme & All Levels: 16+ and Adults Any Level.

We offer great beginners classes for fitness and strength, combining many different fighting styles and reality based self-defence skills which offers a great full body workout.

Technique can include Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Trapping, Takedowns, Throws, Ground & Pound, Self-Awareness & Street Safety etc. The dynamic of needing to use both your legs and upper body strength means that you are toning all your muscles and learning a unique form of martial arts training system.

Our beginners program will help you feel empowered and confident as well as giving you a form of exercise that you can enjoy. This will stimulate the mind and develop inner strength which is great way of getting rid of stress. Our classes will help you lose weight and keep in shape through full body workout.

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