An absolutely great place to train. Great atmosphere, instructors, and students all round.

Derry Howley Irish Navy

High level coaching with a friendly atmosphere. Get in shape while learning valuable skills 👍

Keith Deane Self Employed

Brilliant for everything! Get fit, improve your stamina, your confidence.Meet new people and train with in my opinion the best team in the Country.Amazing Instructors and very welcoming people.Only gripe is that I didn’t start ten years ago!!!

Ruari Mullan Student

Brilliant place to train! I used to go to the Gym 3-4 nights a week and used to dread going most of the time. Since joining Institute Krav Maga Cork, i now look forward my training sessions. Great instructor and very welcoming members. Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Thank you Artur and Team!!

Billy O’Connor Works at DePuy

Best martial arts instructor you can have. Will take you to your maximum regardless of your fitness level. Drills are also adjusted based on the level of your experience with a gradual incline in complexity. Highly recommend!

Dr Mindaugas Paulauskas Engineering

One of the most exciting experience I ever had. Thought I couldn’t do it but the instructors were really good and have loads of patience 😄😄😄

Vanessa Santos Cork Univeristy Hospital